Swash PhD

Founder & Believer

Dr. Swash is a passionate professional heavily focused in areas of expertise such as, advanced 3D imaging, robotics, augmented reality & virtual reality, Human-Computing Interaction and others. He works as a lecturer at Brunel University teaching range of courses from Engineering to Digital Media.

Sadaf MSc

PR Executive

An ambitious, commercially minded and creative Sales and Marketing manager with experience of working with B2B and B2C Brands. Driven by challenges with a passion for devising and executing successful sales/marketing campaigns and leading successful teams.

Obaid PhD

Head of Humanoid Robotics

Driven by ambition to solve technical problems in today’s technological world, Obaid has expertise in software engineering with 3D technologies. His research activities lie at the confluence of Computer System Engineering, Media, Big Data Analytics, AI and Holoscopic 3D Image Rendering.

Rahmat BA


Passionate to transform our approach to HR by providing support and guidance to ensure activities are aligned with business objectives and reflect industry’s best practice.

Mohib PhD

Head of Autonomous Vehicle

Wallizada Mohibullah has BEng in Computer Systems Engineering from Brunel University and PhD in Computer Science from UCL. He is a highly motivated and goal driven researcher with a key focus in the field of robotics and in particular probabilistic estimation, sensor fusion and vision.

Saeed MPhil

Robotics Engineer

A passionate researcher and creative robotics engineer specialises in Computer Vision & Image Processing, with initiative and punctuality at heart of passionate for all things technical.

Thanuja PhD

Robotics Scientist

A motivated researcher with strong technical and research experience in signal processing, video compression, multimedia technologies and software engineering. His research interests include image and video processing, machine learning and robotics engineering.

Mahindan PhD Candidate

Robotics Engineer

Meticulous researcher with hands on experience with Robotic Navigations, Inverse Kinematics, Backend Behaviour Driven Development, Vision and sensor fusion. He is an active researcher in Deep learning, particularly of kinematics estimation for autonomous vehicles and Humanoids.

Hasan MSc

Robotics Engineer

An IoT guru, obsessed with sensors and hardware development who always gives his full passion in his work to attain the best of quality. His work at DIDRIVERS includes developing STT and TTS applications for customer facing humanoids among others.

Oguzhan BEng

Robotics Engineer

A motivated control systems engineer with experience in developing low cost embedded systems to tackle unique control problems in the field of un-manned autonomous vehicles. Also interested in aircraft geometry and long endurance vertical take off/landing drones.

Madhevan PhD

Head of Autonomous Drones

A motivated researcher with strong technical and research experience in control system and modelling. My research lies in the area of unmanned vehicles, and particularly interested in drones. Designing, building, and flying drones for industrial, research, and humanitarian applications.

Shivv PhD

Senior Robotics Scientist

A self-motivated engineering professional interested to work in Solid State device, Machine Vision, UAV’s, AI Self-driven & Swarm Robotics. As a passion, aspired to inspire in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems and contributing in development of UAV for futuristic applications.


Jamshid MSc

Robotics Engineer in Software

Passionate in developing and designing meaningful software and online solutions, Jamshid is a full stack developer with over a decade of experience in a range of countries and industries, from small startups to medium and large sized companies and organizations.

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