Accelerating the world's transition to autonomous vehicles and robotics.
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DIDRIVERS was founded to revolutionise the automotive and robotics industry by 3D printing technologies. His goal is to enable organisations to reach their potential peak through innovative, low-cost, reliable and safe autonomous solutions.

A London based company, DIDRIVERS is accelerating the world’s transition to autonomous vehicles and robotics. We design and manufacture autonomous vehicles and robotics as well as sustainable technologies for smart cities and premises.

DIDRIVERS is pioneering autonomous vehicles and robotics including its software stack serving as an industry catalyst and change the world of autonomous applications. Our universal Plug and Play conversion kit can be installed easily in most vehicle platforms and delivers enhanced operational safety and autonomous automation. DIDRIVERS is leading the way in developing standards in autonomous robotics while reaching cutting edge techniques and processes for effective autonomous operations.

The mission is to design and manufacture autonomous robotics at a revolutionary price, while having fun in finding possibilities to deliver eco-friendly solutions.


We believe in facilitating autonomous vehicle and robotics to enable natural navigation through intelligent and self-adjusting solutions.



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WIZO is a user friendly robot designed and manufactured to serve a multi-functional purpose, pushing beyond the boundaries and limitation of service robots. The embedded visual engine allows for real-time object and facial recognition with video content analysis and summarisation. This together with natural language processing capability facilitates an effective communication with the user.


WIZO has built-in on board NLP engine to understand the respond the user speech. WIZO uses advanced 360 mapping and localisation sensor to achieve autonomous patrolling. It can be adapted to provide service in various industries such as public health, education, entertainment, surveillance and hospitality sectors


WIGO is a connected-car that communicates with its users via a mobile app and natural language for an immersive experience. WIGO has the most advanced autonomous driving system with intelligent decision making developed by DIDRIVERS using state of the art sensor technology for 360 environmental awareness and navigation.

DiDrivers Wigo DiDrivers Wigo Frame

WIGO is built based on the popularity of electric engines, which is best fit for smart cities, university campuses as well as indoor and outdoor private premises. WIGO is designed and manufactured using 3D printing technology to deliver eco-friendly solutions.


BIGO is equipped with a multi-way user interaction capability which are interactions via speech, mobile app and touch screen.


BIGO is a fully converted Mercedes bus, using state of the art sensor technology and real time computing embedded hardware. BIGO has an autonomous navigation system with intelligent reasoning, traffic light detection and obstacle avoidance ready for smart city integration.


MIGO has been designed and created to help anyone in need of extra support and help to
 fulfil their daily routines. MIGO allows you to reach your destination with minimal effort and guidance. MIGO consists of a screen interface in which you can communicate through the various options available ranging from voice to hand signs, and even braille. Voice communication is available in different widely spoken languages.


MIGO is a lightweight, small and compact vehicle aimed at being used in shopping malls, airports, seaports and other public areas. MIGO is powered by an electric battery, to provide a safe and environment friendly experience.


TIGO is a 3D printed mobile autonomous smart trolley, offering effortless experience with personal luggage management. Proposing different sets of focused services from bag retrieval, mobile check-in to connecting flight and drop off. With a holistic view of the airport to enable users to browse and shop around while being connected to their flight.


TIGO is assembled with selected standardised laser scanning and 3D vision technology to facilitate localizations, navigation and routing as well as 360 safety with long and short range ultrasonic sensors. It has a great tolerance for disruption as it can be manually stopped and maneuverer if necessary.


TRUGO is bespoke built based on WP World requirements. It is the first seaport Truck which is operated by DROS Plus which is the most advanced autonomous and remote-handling systems to facilitates effective and efficient seaport transportations to operate with other human-driven Trucks within supervised premises. TRUGO is built with intension of easy to fit conversion kit and this can be applied any other vehicles such as Bus by plug and play integration which is modular to support different engines and transmission configuration.


TRUGO uses state of the art sensors such as Velodyne 360 LiDAR sensor for real-time localisation & mapping as well as combination of RADARs and LiDARS with vision cameras to provide robust and reliable 360 sensing, surrounding awareness and obstacle avoidance in complex weather conditions. It also uses fusion of multiple long and short-range ultrasonic sensors for the safety control to avoid any blind spot.  In addition, it supports the remote driver by providing alerts on unseen obstacle in the blind spots as well as it increases the safety by autonomous handling in the case of connection lost from the remote driver.

Through a knowledge and requirement driven approach, we deliver tailored products and solutions to enhance your operations.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

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DROS is our own Robot Operating System!

DROS is a functional operating system that offers modular architecture for autonomous drone, vehicle and robotics.


Multi-model data processing of different sensors and integration.


Modular SDK to offer scalable solutions for autonomous robotics.


Adaptive Ai technology is empowering autonomous learning.


Real-time computing to deliver the highest level of response.

DROS Architecture


UI Layer - Interaction

At UI Layer, users can interact with the system using the following: User friendly interface and design, Speech Interaction and Mobile app.

Application Layer - Operations

The Application Layer consists of key technologies required for the automation of robots such as localisation, navigation stuck, situation awareness, natural language processing.

Network Layer - Communication Synchronization

The Network Layer consists of various secure communication protocols to facilitate communication between physical layer and upper layers. It includes; TCP/IP, CANBUS, and P2P.

Physical Layer - Hardware & Sensor

DROS can be deployed to any robotic platform under licensing protocols.



GPU-accelerated computing is to accelerate processing, machine learning  and real-time engineering applications.


2D and 3D Vision sensors are always key elements to enable the perception of the real world environment.


Laser sensors of RADAR and LiDAR are utilised for precision object detection, positioning, environment mapping and localisation.


A time-of-flight camera is a range imaging camerasystem that resolves distance based on the known speed of light.


If you have any questions about the our products and solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us – we would love to help.


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